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About us

Founded in 2019, PXR Italy is a research institute that conducts market research through classical and digital methodologies. The consultants, experts in economic-social sciences, support SMEs and Large Enterprises in orienting data-driven business strategies.

The team is made up of experts in socio-economic research methods and techniques.
We offer research reports with strategic suggestions according to the client's objectives.
Socio-economic research acquires value thanks to the psychological skills of the team.

Our vision

We believe in a Data Driven world because data guides better strategic choices.

Data Finding
We collect and extract the data necessary to investigate the research object.
Data Analysis
We conduct statistical analyzes to evaluate the relationships that emerge between the data.
Data Intelligence
Starting from the analyzes conducted, we produce useful information at the service of the client's objectives.

Our classic research tools

We build ad hoc questionnaires to be administered to the reference sample to respond to the client's research objectives.
Focus Group
We develop and conduct focus groups to investigate people's deep and automatic thinking.
We develop and conduct in-depth one-to-one interviews to grasp the nuances of individual thinking.

Our digital research tools

We mainly use Python to extract Big Data from the web using scraping techniques.
SPSS is the main software we use for statistical analyzes such as correlation and regression.
We use R-Studio for both data scraping and graphical analysis and visualization.

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