2023 trends

Trends We Look Forward To In 2023

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New Year is around the corner, and we look forward to emerging 2023 trends that’ll present several opportunities for individuals and businesses alike. 

Fashion - PXR Italy

Fashion Luxury Top Brands: an Overview

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Luxury fashion brands have famously been criticized for failing to add inclusive sizing options, but that’s about to change. Previously, the biggest size offered by most luxury fashion brands were XL for women and 2XL for men. Now, luxury retailers are serving their consumers’ demands by providing high-end fashion size inclusivity for more diverse body types. 


Sustainable Cosmetics: Market Data

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The skincare market has a major share in the growth as most people only want natural ingredients to be a part of their everyday routine. It is expected to rise at a CAGR of 9,2% from 2022 to 2031.  


How Much Is the Gaming Market Worth? 

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The gaming market was valued at 198,40 billion US dollars the previous year. However, the market value is expected to hit $339.95 billion by 2027. 

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Best Selling Tech Products In 2022

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With each passing year, we see new trends emerging and disappearing. Therefore, finding the best tech products can be time-consuming and intimidating. 

Black Friday

Average Spending on Black Friday

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Millennials are the most generous generation when it comes to Black Friday shopping. An average millennial spends around $370 on shopping. It is followed by Gen X, who spend an average of $350 on this shopping event. 

Blockchain market

Forecast about Blockchain Market in 2025 

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Blockchain is maturing at a rapid rate. It is because 81 of 100 major companies worldwide use blockchain solutions. Out of these, 65 companies have an efficient blockchain system and the rest are in the research phase. 

Influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing: Statistics and Facts 

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Around 28,7% of consumers follow at least one influencer on YouTube (Instagram 28,4%). TikTok stands third, with 20,5% of respondents following influencers on the platform. 

Food Industry Trends in 2023

Food Industry Trends in 2023

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One of the most prominent food industry trends is consumers’ increasing interest in vegan diets. The reason behind this shift is related to both health and environmental conservation. 

Beer market 2022

Facts & Figures About Beer Market in 2022

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Even though you can classify every beer in the ale or lager category, this beverage has several subcategories. There are over 100 different types of beers in the world, differentiated by the type of grain and technique used for production. 

Space Travel

Facts and trivia about space exploration

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The total contribution of travel and tourism to world GDP was 5.812. In other words, the travel and tourism sector had a 6,1 percent share of world GDP in 2021. This is almost x1,5 of the share of the entire global agricultural sector combined.

Foto da turista

World Tourism Day 2022: Rethinking Tourism

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The total contribution of travel and tourism to world GDP was 5.812. In other words, the travel and tourism sector had a 6,1 percent share of world GDP in 2021. This is almost x1,5 of the share of the entire global agricultural sector combined.

Ice Cream Market

Ice cream market: consumer preferences in 2022

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In 2020, the global ice cream market was valued at $68,052.20 million and is expected to reach $122,051.10 million by 2031. This massive growth is due to the increasing demand for cold desserts by people of all ages.

Smart contracts - PXR Italy

Smart contracts: what are they?

Smart contracts are computer protocols based on blockchain technology that define rules and penalties of an agreement in the same way as a traditional legal contract. The innovative use of these tools lies in the automation of the process of executing an agreement, which does not require third parties involved to control the security of the system.

What is blockchain - PXR Italy

What is a blockchain?

A blockchain is a database – i.e. a set/group of ordered data – distributed and shared across a network of computers (called, in bloackchain jargon, ‘nodes’). 

What is a DAO - PXR Italy

What is a DAO?

The term DAO is an abbreviation for Decentralised Autonomous Organisation. The idea for the first DAO came in 2013, from Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, who developed the idea and gave it the initial name “Decentralised Autonomous Corporations” (DAC).

NFT how they work - PXR Italy

NFT: how do they work?

NFTs create a digital certificate based on Blockchain (a computer ledger divided into blocks) designed for the collection of users’ digital objects, including games, music, art and many others. With the acquisition of this certificate, digital artworks acquire a unique and rare identity (like non-digital artworks). 

World Blood Donor Day - PXR Italy

World Blood Donor Day

The day is celebrated on 14 June, which coincides with the birthday of Karl Landsteiner, a naturalised American Austrian physician, biologist and physiologist who discovered blood groups and the Rh factor (a specific protein antigen on the surface of red blood cells) during his studies.

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World Food Safety Day

World Food Safety Day is celebrated every year on 7 June. The day was established by the UN and aims to make people aware of the importance of controlled food intake and the possible causes for the opposite.

World No Tobacco Day - PXR Italy

World No Tobacco Day: tobacco consumption in 2022

Every year, 31 May is World No Tobacco Day. In 1998, the World Health Organisation (WHO) established this day to remind people of the harmfulness of tobacco consumption and the consequences it brings to health. Year after year, the tobacco industry is enriched with new products that have a harmful impact not only on the body of those who use them, but also on the ecosystems on our planet.

NFT examples - PXR Italy

Examples of NFT: from cryptography to art

In one of our previous articles, we saw how NFTs – non-fungible tokens – have easily achieved vast global popularity in recent years. Suffice it to say that the market capitalisation of available NFTs has reached approximately USD 841.56 million (if you want to learn more, read our Crypto & NFTs Report).

Design web 3.0 - PXR Italy

Design in Web 3.0

You will certainly have heard of the very rapid innovation that the world of the Web has undergone in recent years: day after day, the speed of interconnection, entertainment and business opportunities, the amount of personal and non-personal data, privacy laws and, ultimately, the needs of users increase. And it is precisely from users’ needs that Web3 was born.

Game-Fi - PXR Italy

What does Game-Fi mean?

By Game-Fi we mean the combination of video games (gaming) with decentralised finance (DeFi). This particular type of digital games uses blockchain technology, which makes them unique and allows players to be the verified owners of virtual items in the game.

Digital marketing - PXR Italy

The digital marketing market in Italy

The GlossaryMarketing defines digital marketing as the market that “encompasses all sales and communication activities conducted by a company through the use of digital tools and channels, often in synergy with other traditional marketing tools to create an integrated, personalised and interactive communication that can help the company to develop and increase the loyalty of its customer base.”

World Press Freedom Day - PXR Italy

World Press Freedom Day

The aim of this event is to involve writers and communication experts from all over the world in order to raise awareness of journalism as a service to society.

Scrollytelling - PXR Italy

Scrollytelling: how to tell a story simply by scrolling

Scrollytelling is a particular method of web & app content creation: the content is structured with a top-down logic, and the user can easily use it by “scrolling” – moving with the finger from top to bottom, or from right to left – on the web page, from mobile or desktop. The word, on an etymological level, derives from -to scroll meaning ‘to scroll’ and telling, and fully describes its meaning.

Goldfish - PXR Italy

Attention span: the myth of the goldfish

The attention span of a goldfish is 0,9 seconds. There is a legend, which has been going viral on the net for years, that claims that human concentration is dizzily declining due to external conditions – such as the internet and new technologies – that do not allow the brain to work optimally.

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Smart clothing and hi-tech fashion

Smart clothing transforms traditional clothes into garments with artificial intelligence. Its literal translation is ‘abbigliamento intelligente’: a whole new way of experiencing fashion is born, increasingly in line with virtual and augmented reality innovations.

Most popular jobs - PXR Italy

Italy: the most popular jobs

The world of work has undergone profound changes in recent years. With the globalisation of markets, many traditional jobs have disappeared and labour has been replaced by new technologies. Italy is one of the European countries most in difficulty in this transition; the main causes are unemployment and the phenomenon of the ‘brain drain’ (which we will go into in more detail in the next section). The main causes are unemployment and the ‘brain drain’ phenomenon (which we will discuss in more detail in the following article).

Social Commerce in Italy - PXR Italy

Social Commerce: when the user becomes the product

Social Commerce is a specific type of E-commerce, which allows consumers to purchase a product directly from dedicated applications (such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many others). The integration of social media is essential to allow retailers to use a new channel of communication and product promotion. The growth in demand for online shopping in recent years is high.

Woman's Day - PXR Italy

8 March: International Women’s Day

Every year, on the 8th of March, we celebrate International Women’s Day. Its importance in history is fundamental in order to remember the long journey that the female gender has had to face over the centuries, characterised by political, social and economic conquests in order to have an equal place in the world.

Generativity - PXR Italy

Generativity in companies

Possiamo definire impresa generativa un’azienda che guarda alla pianificazione a lungo termine per i suoi obiettivi, con una visione innovativa e che vada ad abbracciare valori sociali e ambientali. Le imprese generative mirano ad una visione futura e sul ruolo generativo che ha un impatto positivo sul mondo esterno.

Delivery - PXR Italy

The world of fast delivery

Fast delivery – or express delivery – was born out of the need for consumers to be able to buy products online and receive them as quickly as possible. Thanks to the numerous lockdowns that have characterised recent years, the express delivery market has grown in record time to become a real must-have in today’s world.

Web 3.0 - PXR Italy

Web 3.0: what it is and how it works

Web 3.0 is the new phase in the evolution of the Internet and can be described as potentially disruptive in terms of change in the global digital landscape.
The three fundamentals of Web 3.0 are decentralisation, openness and broad utility to the user.

Metaverse - PXR Italy

Metaverse: the difference between Meta and the metaverse

Sentiamo spesso parlare di metaverso come una sorta di realtà virtuale che viene condivisa tramite internet ed è partecipativa per chiunque voglia attraverso degli avatar. Se prima sembrava solo una fantasia lontana appartenente solo al mondo della tecnologia avanzata possiamo finalmente dire che il sogno diverrà realtà.

Coca Cola and Santa - PXR Italy

Coca Cola and Christmas

The Company Coca Cola holds 50% of the global carbonated drinks market in 2020 with revenues of approximately 6,132 million euros. It is known to 94% of the world’s population and is one of the most popular global brands.

Pikmin 2021

Pikmin Bloom arrives in Italy

Software development company Niantic, creator of Pokèmon GO, has teamed up with Nintendo to create a new augmented reality application. The full name is Pikmin Bloom, which takes its cue from a pre-existing Nintendo GameCube game from 2002.  

Data driven - PXR Italy

How to make data driven decisions

The data-driven approach to decision-making is a way to evaluate environmental information in order to choose the best way forward. You can use this approach both in your daily life and at work.

Market segmentation: what it is and what it’s for

La segmentazione del mercato è un processo attraverso cui si suddividono i consumatori in diversi gruppi, sulla base dei rispettivi bisogni e desideri. Riconoscere le differenze tra clienti e creare diversi segmenti è fondamentale per un marketing di successo poiché permette di proporre prodotti e servizi mirati.

Data scientist: who he is and what he does

Negli ultimi anni si è fatta strada una nuova figura professionale che ricopre un ruolo chiave: il data scientist. È un esperto in grado di ricavare insight da enormi quantità di dati, allo scopo di aiutare a definire o soddisfare esigenze specifiche e obiettivi aziendali.

Market report: what it is and what it is for

Un report di mercato consiste in un documento scritto in cui sono riportati dati e informazioni su un’analisi svolta su un preciso mercato di riferimento. Solitamente, i report vengono redatti con lo scopo di presentare i risultati di una ricerca di mercato ai clienti che l’hanno commissionata.

Market research: what value for businesses?

La ricerca di mercato può essere definita come un’indagine avente lo scopo di raccogliere e valutare elementi per meglio conoscere il mercato di un particolare prodotto o servizio e il suo potenziale sviluppo.

Regression: what it is and what it is for

La regressione è una tecnica di analisi statistica che permette di indagare relazioni di dipendenza tra variabili quantitative.
A differenza della correlazione, quindi, la regressione consente di indagare rapporti di causa-effetto.