Coronavirus and quarantine: are Italians going out more than they should?

Leonardo Saulle - March 31, 2020
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Coronavirus and quarantine: are Italians going out more than they should?

Coronavirus e quarantena - PXR Italy

PXR Italy asked Italians a simple question: "Have you been out of the house in the last two days?"; 15% of respondents (out of over 1200) answered in the affirmative. Extending this percentage to the entire Italian population (between 18 and 64 years old), a clear figure emerges: about 5 million people have gone out in the last two days despite the quarantine obligation. To this should be added those under 18 and those over 64, who were not included in the study.

Quarantine and Sars-Cov-19: some considerations

Many people? A few? Let us make a couple of considerations. On the subject of coronavirus and quarantine, at the moment three decrees signed by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte have come out with the 'aim of countering and containing the spread of the virus'. Each of these promoted the gradual reduction of gatherings, transport and commercial activities on a national scale. These restrictions, together with the ministers' transparent approach to the issue of contagion and the spread of the virus, led the WHO to say: 'Italy is now a model platform, what we are learning will serve Europe and the world'.

Specifically, on 11 March, the Prime Minister Conte issued a Prime Ministerial Decree extending the Coronavirus containment measures to the whole of Italy. In a nutshell, retail trade, restaurant services and other personal service activities (hairdressers, beauticians, etc.) are suspended; restrictions on travel remain in force. The message is clear: 'travel justified by business needs, proven health needs and basic necessities is allowed'.

Alla data dell’11 marzo è stato emanato il DPCM firmato dal premier Conte che estende le misure di contenimento del Coronavirus a tutto il territorio italiano.

So under what circumstances can you go out? Only for work, on doctor's orders, shopping and walking the dog.

Considering that Italy has 37 million people between the ages of 18 and 64, here's the result: 1 in 7 people have left home in the last two days. Everyone is free to comment.

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