COVID-19: Do Italians trust the National Health System?

Leonardo Saulle - March 17, 2020
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COVID-19: Do Italians trust the National Health System?

Covid - PXR Italy

The numbers speak for themselves. In this time of deep crisis, Italians are pinning their hopes on the national health system: 54 % of the population believe that the medical staff will successfully overcome the Coronavirus emergency.

The data come from a survey conducted by PXR Italy on the trust Italians place in the National Health System.

In the last three weeks, all Italians have had to reconsider their basic values: activities such as meeting friends, going to work and walking in the streets are no longer taken for granted. Now, more than ever, the possibility of having a doctor to take care of our health seems fundamental and of extreme urgency.

Covid e fiducia nel Sistema sanitario nazionale

National health system and medical order: some interesting facts

In the words of the famous doctor Edward Bach, 'health is our heritage, a new right': Article 32 of the Italian Constitution guarantees this 'right to health' for all individuals of Italian citizenship. In other words, the national health system makes no distinction on the basis of social class or income; health care is guaranteed for everyone, in accordance with the section of the oath to which every doctor and surgeon subscribes when it says 'to treat every patient with scruple and commitment, without any discrimination, promoting the elimination of all forms of inequality in the protection of health'.

Now more than ever, trust in healthcare professionals is a fundamental factor in the mental wellbeing of the Italian population; in the past, a high level of satisfaction with public healthcare was already evident (Federconsumatori data). Moreover, it is in times of crisis such as these that trust in the national health system should not be interpreted as a simple number; when, for example, we read that 7 out of 10 women (aged 55 to 64) trust the national health system, it means that 7 out of 10 women (aged 55 to 64) place their hopes in a system that bases its operation on sound human principles. Beyond discrimination and social inequalities, the doctor is committed to protecting health.

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