Gamification: involving the user with the game

Leonardo Saulle - January 26, 2021
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Gamification: involving the user with the game

Gamification - PXR Italy

The term gamification is derived from the word 'Game' and consists of the use of ludic and game design elements within non-game contexts.

A website, a service, a social/web community, a piece of content or an advertising campaign are all contexts that can be 'gamified' (from 'to gamify') to increase user interest, involvement and participation.

Gamification is a tool that can induce active behaviour on the part of users, enabling them to achieve specific personal or business goals.

Gamification works because all people have an innate tendency to pursue goals (or complete games) with the expectation of receiving a final reward. An example of gamification is the Google Word Coach, a tool designed by Google to allow users to expand their English vocabulary in a fun and dynamic way.

In addition to entertaining the user, this service offered by Google has the function of improving the effectiveness of its automatic translation and machine learning algorithm.

Gamification 2021

Another concrete example? Engaging passers-by on the street through a leafleting operation; on each leaflet there is a QR-Code to scan with your smartphone which allows you to download a brand's App. Only after downloading the App and registering can you not only use the services of the App, but also get a benefit and invite your friends to do the same. If you invite at least four friends to download the app and they install it, you get new benefits and the chance to plant a tree in a virtual forest. Stratagems like this reinforce brand awareness and the feeling of being part of something, not just having bought/used a product (source: Digital4).

Education and learning: another application of gamification

Gamification does not only apply to marketing. On the contrary, one of the first areas in which it has been tested with enormous success is the education sector. Game-based learning is a playful way for students of all ages to learn new skills. The aim of a marketing strategy, as well as in education, is to keep students' attention and concentration high. Gamification fulfils this purpose without any problems.



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