How to make data driven decisions

Leonardo Saulle - December 26, 2021
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How to make data driven decisions

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The data-driven approach to decision-making is a way to evaluate environmental information in order to choose the best way forward. You can use this approach both in your daily life and at work.

Let's take a look at the 6 steps to adopt a data driven mindset.

Data-driven mindset: 6 steps

  1. follow a method;
  2. organise;
  3. visualise;
  4. finding connections;
  5. Keeping the focus on the problem;
  6. Adopting a "big-picture, detail-oriented" view.
Come può l'approccio data driven migliorare la tua vita quotidiana e lavorativa?

Follow a method: find a method that suits your needs. Remember: the first step is to understand the problem you are facing. To do that, be prepared. Problems often appear overwhelming because we are unprepared: a good method will make you feel confident in your abilities and possibilities.

Organise: once you have found the method that suits you, apply it with strategy and organisation. Before starting to work on the problem, you can do a gap-analysis, to assess which tools and resources you need: set yourself goals and deadlines. You will need them to monitor the progress of the problem-solving process.

Visualise: before starting your work, imagine how you would like the final output to look. In other words, visualise how you would like the data to be represented: look for clear and elegant solutions. This visualisation will guide you through the process of data collection and analysis.

Finding connections: Collect data with the most appropriate tool and organise it. Look for connections between elements to understand what caused the problem and how it evolves over time. Tracing the origin of the problem will allow you to understand how to solve it.

Keeping the focus on the problem: Keeping the focus on the problem does not mean thinking about the problem all the time. Rather, it means thinking of the problem as a jigsaw puzzle made up of many elements: we have to look for the pieces that fit together, paying attention to the picture we are building.


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