Market report: what it is and what it is for

Cristina Morlino - July 27, 2021
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Market report: what it is and what it is for

What is a market report? And what is it for?

A market report is a written document that contains data and information about an analysis of a particular market. Usually, reports are written for the purpose of presenting the results of market research to the clients who commissioned it.

But what is the structure of a market report?

Index - PXR Italy
Index - PXR Italy

There is no standard rule for writing a market report; however, most reports include the following areas:

  • Client Question. It starts with the request the client has placed in the brief, which is the initial stage of the research process.
  • Research Purpose and Goals. The report makes explicit the purpose of the research based on the client's question.
  • Context Analysis. The target market is analyzed through two main tools: the SWOT analysis and the benchmark analysis. The first consists of an analysis of the strengths (strenghts), weaknesses (weaknesses), opportunities (opportunities) and threats (threats). The second involves an analysis of the comparison with competitors in the market.
  • Presentation of insights and explanation of possible customer solutions.

Report and skills

In writing a report, you need to use precise, simple and clear language so that clients can fully understand the findings and conclusions of the study.
According to 2020 research, the ability to write market reports is one of the most in-demand skills in the market research industry.

Market Research - PXR Italy
Market Research - PXR Italy

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