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Most used programming languages for analysis

Beatrice Borghi - January 13, 2022
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Most used programming languages for analysis

Programming language

The digital evolution taking place today involves all areas of our daily lives. At the base of everything there are programming languages, such as software, application, device and system. In relation to consumer demand, these programs are innovating and entering more and more specialized areas.

Let's take a look together at some data, both global and local, on programming languages used for analysis.

10 most used programming languages in data analysis in 2021

JavaScript (64,96%) remains the most widely used for years due to its great flexibility and the amount of content and elements it offers. Then there is HTML/CSS (56,07%), which we define as a markup language and allows arranging elements within a page. In third position we see Python (48,24%), famous for its ease and used a lot in fashion and data analysis.

Next, we find Java (35,35%), Node.js (33,31%), TypeScript (30,19%), C# (27,86%), Bash/Shell (27,13%), C++ (24,31%).

Programming languages analysis

The most paid programming languages

Computer language undergoes constant mutations and in order to stay up-to-date with the current trends, some programming languages are paid for, with the promise of a more efficient and up-to-date rendering.

The official ranking compiled by "Stack Overflow" shows the most expensive ones based on the current market scenario.

Currently in first position there is F# ($74.000), which allows a functional programming; then we find Ocaml ($73.000), distributed as open source software; in third place, and not far from Ocaml, we see Groovy ($72.000), alternative language to the famous Java and in last position Perl ($69.000), classified as dynamic and high level.

Most used in Italy in 2022

At the first place in Italy we always find JavaScript, absolute leader of programming languages. In second position there is Java, used worldwide by about 8 million developers. And then in order Python, PHP, C#, C/C++, Go, Swift, TypeScript and Ruby.

The demand for trained and capable programmers is steadily increasing and is compensated for by the fact that millions of computer experts leave Italian technical schools every year.

Javascript, python and data analytics

5 apps that teach programming to kids

Generation Z children were born into a world rich in technology and from a young age have been used to using digital tools for everyday activities. The video games industry has expanded in recent years and coding games (programming languages) have sprung up, suitable for even the youngest children.

Some of these include Lightbot Jr 4+ Coding Puzzle (4+ years), developed on multiple levels and also available in a version for older children; The Foos (5+ years), which teaches youngsters to program through fun adventures and many others such as ScratchJr (5-7 years), Hopscotch (9+ years) or Daisy the Dinosaur (7+ years).

If the future is in the hands of young people, it's a good idea to start from an early age to familiarize themselves with these new tools of advanced technology.

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