Sport post COVID-19: how important will it be?

Leonardo Saulle - April 28, 2020
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Sport post COVID-19: how important will it be?

Sport post COVID-19

5 out of 10 Italians say that physical activity (sport) will not be one of their priorities after the end of quarantine. This is shown by the latest study conducted by PXR Italy, in which 568 people from all regions of the peninsula were asked the following question: "Will consistent physical activity be one of your priorities after the end of quarantine?". Let's put the above data into context.

Sport in Italy: some data

The latest ISTAT survey on the practice of sport in Italy showed that in 2015 there were over 20 million people who declared practising one or more sports continuously (24.4%) or occasionally (9.8%); in addition, 26.5% of the population did not practice a sport, although they did engage in physical activity, such as long walks or cycling, gardening, etc. (15 million 640 thousand people). On the other hand, there were more than 23 million sedentary people (39.1% of the population), i.e. those who said they did not practice any sport or physical activity in their free time. In total, in 2015, people who exercised were 60.7% of the entire Italian population. It should be noted that in 2017, more than 4 out of 10 people did sport independently and in open spaces (ISTAT and CONI data).

With the advent of the Coronavirus, and the consequent lockdown, Italy has been brought to a standstill economically, socially, and above all individually. We stopped from one moment to the next, some more, some less; 50 days after the closure of commercial activities and the decrees prohibiting travel and close interpersonal contact, Italians need to return to normality; a normality also made up of sport and physical exercise. In 2017, Istat and Coni stressed the 'immortal' virtues of sporting activity. In addition to having protective effects on health, it is an opportunity for social inclusion and participation, it promotes a culture linked to health and top performance and, moreover, it creates wealth and jobs, to which must be added the improved living conditions that help reduce the pressure on health spending in the public sector (Istat and Coni data).

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5 out of 10 Italians state that physical activity will not be one of their priorities at the end of quarantine


In conclusion, 5 out of 10 Italians say that physical activity and sport will not be one of their priorities at the end of the quarantine; at this point it is fair to ask in what direction the market around the world of sport will point in the coming months. Is it possible that the coronavirus will lead to major changes in this sector too? PXR Italy proposes to research the sentiment of the population with the aim of predicting market trends.

In the meantime, we conclude with the words of Decimus Junius Juvenal, who stated 'Mens sana in corpore sano' or 'A healthy mind in a healthy body'.

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