Summer 2020: the most popular destinations for Italians

Leonardo Saulle - March 14, 2020
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Summer 2020: the most popular destinations for Italians

Summer 2020 - PXR Italy

It must be said that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we think about holidays all over the world; in Italy the most immediate effects have been observed in regions renowned for tourism. As far as destinations for summer 2020 are concerned, some studies have tried to frame the changes in real time in the Italian tourism landscape.

A Demoskopika and Statista survey on tourist arrivals in Italian regions revealed that Veneto was among the hardest hit with -4,6 million, followed by Lombardy (-3,9 million), Tuscany (-3,3 million), Lazio (-2,9 million) and Emilia Romagna (-2,5 million). Molise, Basilicata, Valle D'Aosta, Abruzzo and Calabria were less affected (source: InvestireOggi).

Where will Italians go on holiday? Here are the favourite destinations for the summer

30% of Italians currently say they will not go on holiday: 19% more than in 2019. Moreover, 8 out of 10 Italians (among those who will go on holiday) will stay in Italy, and just under half will choose a holiday-home where it is easier to have a garden or swimming pools and control social distancing (source: Italiani.Coop and AirBnB). As far as the destination is concerned, 66% of Italians chose the sea, while the mountains are coveted by only 22,4%. The remaining 6% of the population prefers a holiday in a city of art. This preference is confirmed by the Italians' Google searches, which show a greater interest (+41%) in the sea than in mountain destinations.

Ad oggi Rimini è la destinazione più ricercata su google.

Rimini, Riccione, Ischia and Vieste were the top summer destinations of 2019 (source: TripAdvisor). To date, Rimini is the most searched destination on google; however, the most popular seaside region among Italians is Tuscany, followed by Puglia, and then Liguria, Calabria and finally Abruzzo.

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