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Ice Cream Market

Ice cream market: consumer preferences in 2022

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In 2020, the global ice cream market was valued at $68,052.20 million and is expected to reach $122,051.10 million by 2031. This massive growth is due to the increasing demand for cold desserts by people of all ages.

World No Tobacco Day - PXR Italy

World No Tobacco Day: tobacco consumption in 2022

Every year, 31 May is World No Tobacco Day. In 1998, the World Health Organisation (WHO) established this day to remind people of the harmfulness of tobacco consumption and the consequences it brings to health. Year after year, the tobacco industry is enriched with new products that have a harmful impact not only on the body of those who use them, but also on the ecosystems on our planet.

Social Commerce in Italy - PXR Italy

Social Commerce: when the user becomes the product

Social Commerce is a specific type of E-commerce, which allows consumers to purchase a product directly from dedicated applications (such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many others). The integration of social media is essential to allow retailers to use a new channel of communication and product promotion. The growth in demand for online shopping in recent years is high.

Social media addiction - PXR Italy

Social Media Addiction: numbers and effects of the phenomenon

Social Media Addiction: multiple social platforms and Internet accessibility have led to the potential for social media addiction, defined as the irrational and excessive use of online platforms to the point of interfering with other aspects of daily life.

Digital Nudging - PXR Italy

What is Digital Nudging: Digital Persuasion

Digital Nudging refers to all those features of virtual environments that influence people’s behaviour in a predictable way. Digital nudging is the design of app and site interfaces to guide people’s choices in the direction they want to go; it is one of the best sales tools on the market, and it is available to everyone.

Colours increase sales - PXR Italy

Which colours increase sales

Colours influence our emotions and therefore our choices and brands know this well. In fact, every brand has its own logo with a particular colour, which is the result of studies to ascertain how pleasant it is for consumers. Every company asks itself at least once: “What colours are good for increasing sales?

Word of mouth - PXR Italy

The importance of personality and word of mouth for a brand

People tend to prefer one brand over another because it espouses their values; like friends, the more similar they are, the more likely they are to get along. For example, people who choose Apple do so because they value simplicity and efficiency in their lives, values that Apple itself places at the forefront. A loyal Samsung consumer, on the other hand, will tend to put more emphasis on values such as innovation and durability.