Food Industry Trends in 2023

Food Industry Trends in 2023

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One of the most prominent food industry trends is consumers’ increasing interest in vegan diets. The reason behind this shift is related to both health and environmental conservation. 

Beer market 2022

Facts & Figures About Beer Market in 2022

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Even though you can classify every beer in the ale or lager category, this beverage has several subcategories. There are over 100 different types of beers in the world, differentiated by the type of grain and technique used for production. 

Ice Cream Market

Ice cream market: consumer preferences in 2022

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In 2020, the global ice cream market was valued at $68,052.20 million and is expected to reach $122,051.10 million by 2031. This massive growth is due to the increasing demand for cold desserts by people of all ages.

Food market - PXR Italy

World Food Safety Day

World Food Safety Day is celebrated every year on 7 June. The day was established by the UN and aims to make people aware of the importance of controlled food intake and the possible causes for the opposite.

Delivery - PXR Italy

The world of fast delivery

Fast delivery – or express delivery – was born out of the need for consumers to be able to buy products online and receive them as quickly as possible. Thanks to the numerous lockdowns that have characterised recent years, the express delivery market has grown in record time to become a real must-have in today’s world.

Food Post quarantine

Food after quarantine: Italians will be afraid to go out to dinner

Almost 6 out of 10 Italians are not afraid at the thought of going out to dinner after the end of quarantine (58%). This is the figure recorded by the responses of more than 700 Italians; in the latest survey conducted by PXR Italy the question was asked: ‘Do you think you will be afraid to go out to dinner in the two months following the end of quarantine?’ In other words, 42% of Italians (the majority of whom are women) are afraid of going out to dinner when the lockdown is over; a figure that does not bode well for, among others, restaurateurs, entrepreneurs and workers in the sector.

Quarantena a tavola: gli italiani mangiano meglio?

After the lockdown: do Italians eat better?

When more than 600 Italians aged 18 to 64 were asked the question ‘Do you think your eating style is improving during this quarantine?’, 78% of respondents said it was not improving during the lockdown period, according to the latest research conducted by PXR Italy.