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Best Selling Tech Products In 2022

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With each passing year, we see new trends emerging and disappearing. Therefore, finding the best tech products can be time-consuming and intimidating. 

Black Friday

Average Spending on Black Friday

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Millennials are the most generous generation when it comes to Black Friday shopping. An average millennial spends around $370 on shopping. It is followed by Gen X, who spend an average of $350 on this shopping event. 

Influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing: Statistics and Facts 

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Around 28,7% of consumers follow at least one influencer on YouTube (Instagram 28,4%). TikTok stands third, with 20,5% of respondents following influencers on the platform. 

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Coca Cola and Christmas

The Company Coca Cola holds 50% of the global carbonated drinks market in 2020 with revenues of approximately 6,132 million euros. It is known to 94% of the world’s population and is one of the most popular global brands.

Market segmentation: what it is and what it’s for

La segmentazione del mercato è un processo attraverso cui si suddividono i consumatori in diversi gruppi, sulla base dei rispettivi bisogni e desideri. Riconoscere le differenze tra clienti e creare diversi segmenti è fondamentale per un marketing di successo poiché permette di proporre prodotti e servizi mirati.

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Customer experience: definition, examples and technology

The customer experience (CX) is – literally – the experience of the customer. Good CX involves looking after all interactions between an individual and a company. In particular, each interaction has to be tailored to the needs of individual customers; this is possible thanks to the information gained from big data.

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Sentiment analysis: the future of marketing today

What is Sentiment analysis: it deals with building systems for identifying and extracting the opinions and sentiments of users, sites and pages on the web. Sentiment analysis is used in a variety of sectors: from marketing to communication, from social media analysis to consumer preference assessment, from politics to stock markets, from medical science to life sciences.

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What artificial intelligence is used for in companies

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are revolutionising the world of marketing and business. Large corporations are using these technologies to create platforms that understand consumer needs: this is the case, for example, with Google Maps, Netflix, Spotify, Facebook, Uber. Small and medium-sized enterprises can also use AI or machine learning (ML) technologies to improve their services.

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Text analytics: analysing online conversations to increase turnover

Unlike the communication that companies do with classic media and for which it is difficult to assess the reactions of the public, on the web the traces of people’s opinions remain; text analysis (or text analytics) of online conversations is currently the most requested digital research service in the world.

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The importance of personality and word of mouth for a brand

People tend to prefer one brand over another because it espouses their values; like friends, the more similar they are, the more likely they are to get along. For example, people who choose Apple do so because they value simplicity and efficiency in their lives, values that Apple itself places at the forefront. A loyal Samsung consumer, on the other hand, will tend to put more emphasis on values such as innovation and durability.

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What is the Metronome Digital Clock?

On 28 September 2020, PXR Italy conducted a trend analysis to identify the most searched topics on the web by Italians in the last 7 days. The results showed that the most clicked word on the internet in Italy between 21 and 27 September was “Autumn”.