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Web 3.0 - PXR Italy

Web 3.0: what it is and how it works

Web 3.0 is the new phase in the evolution of the Internet and can be described as potentially disruptive in terms of change in the global digital landscape.
The three fundamentals of Web 3.0 are decentralisation, openness and broad utility to the user.

Sentiment analysis - PXR Italy

Sentiment analysis: the future of marketing today

What is Sentiment analysis: it deals with building systems for identifying and extracting the opinions and sentiments of users, sites and pages on the web. Sentiment analysis is used in a variety of sectors: from marketing to communication, from social media analysis to consumer preference assessment, from politics to stock markets, from medical science to life sciences.

Machine learning - PXR Italy

What artificial intelligence is used for in companies

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are revolutionising the world of marketing and business. Large corporations are using these technologies to create platforms that understand consumer needs: this is the case, for example, with Google Maps, Netflix, Spotify, Facebook, Uber. Small and medium-sized enterprises can also use AI or machine learning (ML) technologies to improve their services.

Text analytics - PXR Italy

Text analytics: analysing online conversations to increase turnover

Unlike the communication that companies do with classic media and for which it is difficult to assess the reactions of the public, on the web the traces of people’s opinions remain; text analysis (or text analytics) of online conversations is currently the most requested digital research service in the world.

BigData - PXR Italy

Why does Big Data matter to companies?

Why does Big Data matter to companies? And where does Big Data come from? The origin of Big Data is not unique: data comes from many different sources, such as business transaction systems, customer databases, medical records, mobile applications, social networks, scientific research repositories, machine-generated data and real-time sensors used in Internet Of Things (IoT) environments.

VR - PXR Italy

Virtual reality or smartphone: who will survive in 2030?

When was the first virtual reality, or VR for friends, born? About 70 years ago with a device called Sensorama, capable of playing short films and multimedia content that involved 4 of our 5 senses (touch, smell, sight and hearing). Morton Heilig, the inventor of Sensorama, who was in the Hollywood film industry, invented the said device in the hope of creating a more immersive and engaging movie experience.

Digital media - PXR Italy

Digital media in Italy in 2020: key figures

The term digital media (2020) refers to all audiovisual media content distributed directly over the internet. In 2020, 73% of the Italian population will be connected to the internet on a daily basis, mainly to use social networks.