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Attention span: the myth of the goldfish

The attention span of a goldfish is 0,9 seconds. There is a legend, which has been going viral on the net for years, that claims that human concentration is dizzily declining due to external conditions – such as the internet and new technologies – that do not allow the brain to work optimally.

Extended self - PXR Italy

Extended self and digitisation: needs and opportunities

The concept of the extended self is treated by Russel Belk in an article of 1988, starting from some of William James’ considerations about the concept of the self.
In particular, he argued that the self is not only the sum of body and mind, but also the sum of one’s objects, meaningful relationships and the opinions of others.
Belk focuses on the field of marketing and consumption, believing that one’s possessions (brands and products) influence and reflect one’s identity.

Colours increase sales - PXR Italy

Which colours increase sales

Colours influence our emotions and therefore our choices and brands know this well. In fact, every brand has its own logo with a particular colour, which is the result of studies to ascertain how pleasant it is for consumers. Every company asks itself at least once: “What colours are good for increasing sales?

Welfare and Coronavirus - PXR Italy

Welfare: has the Coronavirus made us better people?

Well-being and Coronavirus. “Do you feel a better person than you were at the beginning of the quarantine?” is the question asked by PXR Italy to Italians in the latest survey on 27 May. It turned out that almost 4 out of 10 people (38%) feel they have changed for the better in the last 80 days. A figure that might be curious, given the unfavourable context that Italians have experienced during the quarantine.