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Influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing: Statistics and Facts 

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Around 28,7% of consumers follow at least one influencer on YouTube (Instagram 28,4%). TikTok stands third, with 20,5% of respondents following influencers on the platform. 

Scrollytelling - PXR Italy

Scrollytelling: how to tell a story simply by scrolling

Scrollytelling is a particular method of web & app content creation: the content is structured with a top-down logic, and the user can easily use it by “scrolling” – moving with the finger from top to bottom, or from right to left – on the web page, from mobile or desktop. The word, on an etymological level, derives from -to scroll meaning ‘to scroll’ and telling, and fully describes its meaning.

Social media addiction - PXR Italy

Social Media Addiction: numbers and effects of the phenomenon

Social Media Addiction: multiple social platforms and Internet accessibility have led to the potential for social media addiction, defined as the irrational and excessive use of online platforms to the point of interfering with other aspects of daily life.