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Metaverse - PXR Italy

Metaverse: the difference between Meta and the metaverse

Sentiamo spesso parlare di metaverso come una sorta di realtà virtuale che viene condivisa tramite internet ed è partecipativa per chiunque voglia attraverso degli avatar. Se prima sembrava solo una fantasia lontana appartenente solo al mondo della tecnologia avanzata possiamo finalmente dire che il sogno diverrà realtà.

Social media addiction - PXR Italy

Social Media Addiction: numbers and effects of the phenomenon

Social Media Addiction: multiple social platforms and Internet accessibility have led to the potential for social media addiction, defined as the irrational and excessive use of online platforms to the point of interfering with other aspects of daily life.

Fake News - PXR Italy

Fake news: 6 out of 10 Italians do not know how to recognise them

“Do you think you know how to recognise fake news on the web?” was the question asked by PXR Italy to Italians in its latest survey on 10 June. The result is that almost 6 out of 10 people (57.4%) believe they do not know how to recognise fake news; this figure reveals a certain awareness on the part of Italians of their ‘weakness’ to fake news. But let’s ask ourselves: 1. why is fake news a serious problem? 2. how many Italians actually know how to recognise fake news?

Social in quarantena - PXR Italy

Social Network during lockdown in Italy

The new PXR Italy research compared males and females from the north, centre and south and studied their perception of well-being in relation to the use of social networks. The question “Are social networks promoting your personal well-being during this quarantine?” was answered by a clear majority in the affirmative, consolidating the idea that even in the “Bel paese” the use of social networks is now an integral part of everyday life.