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The total contribution of travel and tourism to world GDP was 5.812. In other words, the travel and tourism sector had a 6,1 percent share of world GDP in 2021. This is almost x1,5 of the share of the entire global agricultural sector combined.

World Blood Donor Day - PXR Italy

World Blood Donor Day

The day is celebrated on 14 June, which coincides with the birthday of Karl Landsteiner, a naturalised American Austrian physician, biologist and physiologist who discovered blood groups and the Rh factor (a specific protein antigen on the surface of red blood cells) during his studies.

Food market - PXR Italy

World Food Safety Day

World Food Safety Day is celebrated every year on 7 June. The day was established by the UN and aims to make people aware of the importance of controlled food intake and the possible causes for the opposite.

World No Tobacco Day - PXR Italy

World No Tobacco Day: tobacco consumption in 2022

Every year, 31 May is World No Tobacco Day. In 1998, the World Health Organisation (WHO) established this day to remind people of the harmfulness of tobacco consumption and the consequences it brings to health. Year after year, the tobacco industry is enriched with new products that have a harmful impact not only on the body of those who use them, but also on the ecosystems on our planet.

Design web 3.0 - PXR Italy

Design in Web 3.0

You will certainly have heard of the very rapid innovation that the world of the Web has undergone in recent years: day after day, the speed of interconnection, entertainment and business opportunities, the amount of personal and non-personal data, privacy laws and, ultimately, the needs of users increase. And it is precisely from users’ needs that Web3 was born.

World Press Freedom Day - PXR Italy

World Press Freedom Day

The aim of this event is to involve writers and communication experts from all over the world in order to raise awareness of journalism as a service to society.

Woman's Day - PXR Italy

8 March: International Women’s Day

Every year, on the 8th of March, we celebrate International Women’s Day. Its importance in history is fundamental in order to remember the long journey that the female gender has had to face over the centuries, characterised by political, social and economic conquests in order to have an equal place in the world.