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World Tourism Day 2022: Rethinking Tourism

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The total contribution of travel and tourism to world GDP was 5.812. In other words, the travel and tourism sector had a 6,1 percent share of world GDP in 2021. This is almost x1,5 of the share of the entire global agricultural sector combined.

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Tourism 2020: 9 out of 10 Italians stay in Italy

The Coronavirus pandemic has paralysed various sectors of the world economy; in particular, the tourism industry has seen a sudden collapse and there is no prospect of a quick or easy recovery. This is a real short-circuit in one of the key sectors of the Italian economy, which generates around 13% of the national GDP, 15% of employment and over 40 billion euros in profits (source: World Travel end Tourism Council). Below are the most useful data for understanding the extent of the current crisis in the tourism sector in Italy (2020). Let’s ask ourselves: 1. how much money will Italy lose due to the tourism crisis? 2. where will Italians go on holiday? 3. how will tourism change after the Coronavirus?

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Summer 2020: the most popular destinations for Italians

It must be said that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we think about holidays all over the world; in Italy the most immediate effects have been observed in regions renowned for tourism. As far as destinations for summer 2020 are concerned, some studies have tried to frame the changes in real time in the Italian tourism landscape.