Market research in food industry

One of our customers asked us: should I open a new restaurant in London? Will I have the same number of costumers in both summer and winter? To answer these questions, we conducted a predictive analysis.

Food industry, market research and customer forecasting

More and more companies require a market analysis before expanding their own food & beverage business. In fact, before investing time and budget, it is important to understand if the market is profitable and if the action plan is effective.

Desk Research and customer flow forecast

The predictive analysis was based on the collection of data relating to the number of local inhabitants and tourists who frequent London city.

By comparing this data with the number of active restaurants in the city and with the frequency of eating out of home by Londoninsh people and tourists, a predictive forecasting was made.

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food industry market
food industry market research

Qualitative research in food industry

Together with Desk Research, a qualitative research was conducted on a pool of London restaurants. From the sample of restaurants interviewed, the practical insights and results confirmed the estimates of the predictive analysis.

In this way, our client received the answers that, based on his market goals, allowed him to understand whether to expand its business in London.

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