Investment strategy market research

One of our clients asked us: what are the investment strategies of the High and Ultra High Individuals? Who are the main players in the Wealth Management sector in Europe, the United States and China? To achieve these goals, we conducted a market research.

Investment strategy, market research and success rate

To study the target of high net worth individuals (> 1 million dollars net worth) it is necessary to understand how they invest their money and what motivations and values guide their choices.

Target analysis and investment strategy

We carried out an analysis of the target High & Ultra High Individuals through the study of research conducted globally.

The results of the research highlighted the values, needs and investment strategies that High Individuals put in place when they rely on Wealth Management companies.

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market investment strategy
Investment strategy

Competitor Analysis and strategic advice

Following the analysis of the target, we identified the players of the Wealth Management ecosystem in Europe, China and the United States.

We also analyzed the marketing channels and the touch points to get in touch with the Ultra High Individuals: so we provided our client, a Wealth Management Firm, with a toolkit to convert this target into potential customers.

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