Market research on clothing industry

How to increase the profits of our brand? Is there market space in this sector? Which audience should I target to make our business work? We are often contacted by private individuals or investors with very specific requests: our aim is to answer these questions and help them to achieve their goals.

Desk research on clothing industry

To answer these customer's questions, we carried out a desk research: by collecting data from the most authoritative sources on the web, it is possible to build a faithful portrait of the current market, essential for understanding how and where to expand your business.

Exploring the clothing market

To start this Market research on clothing industry we have collected the available data related to the growth rate of the global and local clothing market.

We then conducted a competitor analysis that allowed to understand if our client's project had already been launched by other companies: the results of the research highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of the competition and the success rate of the companies in this market.

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clothing industry market
market research clothing industry

Which audience should I target to expand my business?

After getting a clear portrait of the clothing market, we have made a deep dive into the ideal consumer target for our client.

By collecting information from web databases, we have created identikits of potential consumers based on: purchasing habits, age, gender, needs and social values.

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