Market research on cryptocurrencies

How is the cryptocurrency market moving? Are startups launching new virtual currencies having success? We have responded with data to these and other specific questions asked by one of our clients.

Cryptocurrencies, market research and success rate

Entering the blockchain and cryptocurrency market requires careful sector analysis to understand how and where to steer actions.

Competitor analysis and cryptocurrencies

The analysis of the competitors allowed us to understand if the innovative project of our client had already been launched by other companies.

The research results highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of the competition and the success rate of startups in this market.

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Criptovalute ricerca di mercato

UX Research and strategic suggestions

Following the analysis of the competitors, we carried out a qualitative survey to evaluate the User Experience of the digital platforms of the innovative startups.

Through the use of analysis grids and tools typical of UX Research we have identified the key elements for the development of an optimal platform in the crypto and blockchain market. The information that emerged from the research was translated into suggestions for the Web Developers and Designers involved in the project.

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