Market research on delivery apps

Is it convenient to launch a new food delivery app? What is the pool of potential consumers and in which city is there the most market? These are some questions posed by one of our customers which we have answered with a market research.

Food Delivery, market research and demand forecasting

Launching a delivery app on the market requires preliminary research to understand the growth trend of the sector and the opinions of potential consumers.

Desk Research and trend analysis

The trend analysis made it possible to collect data on the growth of food delivery apps.

This context analysis is fundamental to estimate the growth margin of the sector.

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Ricerca di mercato sulle app di delivery
Target Analysis

Quantitative research on potential consumers

Knowing the evolution of a market trend is not enough when addressing a consumer audience. This is why we asked a sample of people to complete a survey aimed at collecting their opinions, beliefs and intentions in using the delivery app.

The results that emerged allowed our client to understand how much it is economically convenient to launch a food delivery app on the market and what is the type of target consumer to which marketing campaigns should be addressed.

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