Market research on needs and behaviors

One of our customers, world market leader, asked us a research: what are the behaviors and needs of people living in Italy, Switzerland and Germany? How can I optimize advertising performance in these countries? To answer these questions, we conducted a desk research.

Needs, behaviors and budget optimization

More and more companies require a market analysis to improve the performance of their communication campaigns. To do this, it is essential to understand:
1. The target of the advertisement;
2. The message to communicate;
3. The media to convey the message.

Cluster analysis and market segmentation

The market research was based on the collection of data relating to the needs and behaviors of people living in Italy, Switzerland and Germany.

By aggregating and interpreting data through cluster analysis, we have identified the consumer segments to set as target for the communication campaigns.

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How to get people to buy my product?

After the identification of consumer segments, we have indicated to our client the type of advertising message to send and the most suitable channel for each country.

In this way our customer received the answers that allowed him to intercept the needs of potential consumers and to expand the area where to sell his products.

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