Desk research

The purpose of desk research is to understand and investigate phenomena - markets, competitors, services, products - through the interpretation of existing data. This research method is feasible thanks to the large amount of data stored on the network, also called Big Data.

Desk Research Services

We collect and analyze the results of research already published and available in public and private databases, with the aim of providing a complete and in-depth overview of the phenomenon under analysis. Desk research are useful in the early stages of a research project and generally precede quantitative and qualitative research.

Desk research and competitor analysis

Many times companies ask us to size the market of interest, especially when the market is new or poorly covered by information sources.

PXR Italy conducts desk research through a wide range of analysis; our goal is to provide the client with a complete and detailed overview of the market of interest.

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Desk research and investor deck

Start-ups often ask us to study a specific market, analyze competitors and evaluate the feasibility of a business idea; this is useful to prepare a presentation, or investor deck, to bring it to the investors' table.

PXR Italy provides the client with a desk research team which is highly specialized in preparing detailed investor decks, rich in strategic and financial information.

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