The online panel for market research

PXR Italy offers companies a customisable online panel for market research, developed ad hoc on the requirements of each client.

The benefits of our panel

Unlike traditional panels, which are always composed of the same subjects, ours is developed in real time and adapted to the needs of each client. Reliability, competitive prices and speed are the characteristics of our online panel.

The PXR Italy Panel: the advantages

Our online panel for market research respects the representativeness criteria of the population: gender, age, Nielsen geographical areas. We can select additional representative variables depending on the characteristics of the research and we guarantee a minimum of 1.000 interviewees.

Our panel is fresh: we don't always interview the same people as with traditional panels. Thanks to our digital tools, for each survey we build an ad hoc panel with new subjects (always representative): it's like walking down the street and interviewing a new person every time. Despite this advantage, the pricing is competitive with the market: one person interviewed by PXR Italy costs about €1.80 compared to €3 for traditional panels.

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The digital panel: the power of reliability

Data obtained from classic panels risks distorting reality: classic panel is always composed by the same subjects who have been participating in different research projects for years.

However, investigating new phenomena by asking the same people for their opinion is ineffective: the results are generalised to the Country from a single sample that has remained unchanged over the years. This is why other research institutes also use our panels: the aim is to increase the quality of the information produced at the service of clients.

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