Qualitative research

A qualitative market research aims to study people's motivations, thoughts and attitudes towards a phenomenon. PXR Italy offers companies an accurate qualitative research service, careful to customer needs and result-oriented.

Qualitative market research services

We develop and conduct qualitative research with the aim of investigating in depth the behaviors, emotions and beliefs of the target audience. Qualitative research is useful to deeply investigate the phenomenon under study.

Qualitative research: the tools

Qualitative research has a wide range of tools: interviews, focus groups and observation grids are just some of them.

PXR Italy provides the client with a qualitative research team made up of highly specialized psychologists and interviewers.

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qualitative research
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Qualitative research: the power of intuition

Qualitative research is often conducted in synergy with quantitative research; while the latter aims to collect a large amount of data, qualitative research serves to contextualize it: to give it a "more human" voice.

Starting from qualitative data, the PXR Italy team extracts strategic, clear and accurate market advice.

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