Quantitative research

Whether it is a question of sizing the market or studying the opinions and habits of consumers, quantitative research is the best solution for getting practical and reliable strategic advice. PXR Italy offers companies a highly accurate quantitative research service, careful to the client's needs and result oriented.

Quantitative Market Research Services

We develop and conduct quantitative market research in order to numerically dimension the object of study. Quantitative research involves the use of tools such as surveys to be filled by the target audience. They are useful for understanding the extent of a phenomenon in a particular context or market.

Quantitative research and market sizing

Many times companies ask us to size the market of interest, especially when it is a new market or one that is poorly covered by information sources.

PXR Italy provides a quantitative research team with the aim of sizing the market and improving the client's services and products. 

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quantitative research
Questionari e ricerca di mercato quantitativa

Quantitative research: opinion polls and surveys

In 2021, 8 out of 10 companies use opinion polls to study the preferences of their customers and potential consumers.

PXR Italy's quantitative research team creates high-quality surveys to give strategic insights useful to meet client needs.

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