Sentiment Analysis

Through our Sentiment analysis methodologies we analyze the emotions that people express when they talk about particular products, services or social issues on the web.

Sentiment Analysis Services

Thanks to sentiment analysis, it is possible to collect a large amount of unstructured data - such as comments on social networks and blogs - and analyze the emotions expressed by users while talking about a given topic. Based on this information, PXR Italy provides companies with practical indications to improve the brand reputation or the quality of services.

How Sentiment Analysis works

Thanks to data mining and Natural Language Processing techniques, sentiment analysis is able to extract the emotions that the user has experienced in certain contexts from online content. These emotions are then classified according to a positive, negative or neutral polarity.

The result of a sentiment analysis is not limited to a graphical representation of the words most used by users in relation to a given topic. We also provides clients with practical and precise information on how to improve services and communication campaigns.

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sentiment analysis
sentiment analysis

The Sentiment Analysis of PXR Italy

PXR Italy has developed a safe and reliable online sentiment analysis methodology, based on the use of cutting-edge digital tools and professional psychological knowledge.

Some of the web tools traditionally used by our research team are: R-studio, Google Cloud Natural Language, Amazon Comprehend, Rapid Miner, Meaning Cloud, Rapustate and SentiStrenght.

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