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Our Academy develops training courses to meet the needs of companies. We believe that digital and analytical upskilling is the best form of medium-long term investment for every company on the market.

Big Data training courses

Here are some topics that are treated in the learning path on Big Data.

Data Analysis
Analysis is a fundamental step in understanding how data moves. There are technical specifications and analysis tools based on the KPIs and objectives to be achieved.
KPI Analysis
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the main indicators that define the performance of a business or process. In marketing, there are several basic KPIs, which are essential for evaluating the success of your campaigns.
Insight & Intelligence
Starting from the Big Data analysis it is possible to activate the process for the extraction of Inisght. This is the definitive Marketing Intelligence phase because it allows you to translate data into understandable and useful information for the business.

Training courses on Digital Marketing

Here are some topics that are treated in the learning path on Digital Marketing

Web Analytics
Web Analytics are data and information relating to the online performance of a business. They concern social network analysis, the website with Google Analytics, the e-commerce sales trend and much more.
Customer Journey
Knowing the Customery Journey (CJ) of users, online and offline, is important to understand what are the touch-points between customer and company. To study the CJ it is necessary to identify and analyze the data that define its perimeter.
Launching advertising campaigns requires knowledge of the main online promotion platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Business Manager and Amazon Advertising. This knowledge is combined with the skills of reading and interpreting digital marketing KPIs.

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