Trend Analysis

Trend Analysis is used to identify and analyze market trends. It is particularly useful for identifying future trends and for creating services and marketing strategies aligned with the needs of consumers.

Trend analysis services

Trend analysis applied to market research provides companies with a deep understanding of how to improve or expand their own services and products. Generally, this type of service is combined with Desk research and Web Monitoring.

What is Trend Analysis for

A trend analysis can have several aims:

  • Describe the trend over time of a given phenomenon.
  • Highlight regularity and outliers within the trend of a phenomenon.
  • Explain a phenomenon, identifying its causes and relationships with other phenomena.
  • Predict the future trend of the phenomenon.

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Trend analysis
trend analysis

The Trend Analysis of PXR Italy

PXR Italy has developed a trend analysis methodology useful for companies to improve marketing campaigns, monitor communication and optimize costs.

Our team consists of statistical science professionals and psychologists who are skilled in identifying patterns within large amounts of data.

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